HDR-FX1 hack


These pages visually describes the hack of the Sony HDR-FX1 of my friend Marco

to add a Nikon lens mount instead of the original Zeiss lens
As soon as possible I'll add a description of the work and the first movie result...
(All the disassembly sequence has been filmed with my HDR camera too (movie here soon)...

The name of the hack is “E061” the code error the cameras give after I put away the original lens, no vital feedback from the lens luckily, the camera works even if detect no lens.

2nd DAY the new flange 05-01-2005

After an afternoon of tries we ended with a pseudo C screw. Pseudo because the back-focus is a little behind the real C mount so, with C-lens you can do only MACRO. From this C screw we made a Nikon bayonet adapter, but we tried also with an old Angenieux zoom for 16mm the back lenght is enough to focus at infinity! of course the distance is good for B4 as well.

As you can see we had to cut a little piece of the metal of the body to put in the Nikon lens barrel. To avoid alluminium chips inside the printed circuit I decided to disassemble them completely.... and cut with a DREMEL the camera..........

Here the frames from the videoclips taken with various lens on the FX1

The images of the modified FX1


The B4 mount (new)

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