EidoTc is a remote control Plugin for professional VTR compatible with RS422 Sony communication protocol.

You can download a demo version wich has the Locate function disabled. You can still remote the Vtr from the movie capture function of Adobe Premiere, GOTO timecode etc, but you can't make automate batch capture. The plugin works under W95, WNT4 and maybe W98.

Select the correct version for your TV standard:

Eidotc25.zip oppure Eidotc30.zip

To connect The VTR and PC you need of an electrical protocol converter (from RS232 to RS422). Here you find the schematic of the converter I made and the PCB layout. If you are going to use a commercial converter pay attention to connect correctly the VTR cable..

converter RS232TORS422

I made this plugin in 1997 and I use with VTR BVU (VO-98xx) as well as BETACAM SP (VO/UVW)

If you need more information ricchetti@eidomedia.com

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